I’m Back!

I apologize for the delay, had a few setbacks..

So I know it has been while since I had last posted, actually November was my last post. Just before Thanksgiving I got a new job, then the holidays, and then life in general happened. I got tired, stressed, and just had no time to focus on myself. Honestly, I fell off the wagon with the eating because of it all. I had no time to cook, I was ordering out all the time and basically triggered my binge eating disorder again. Gained 15 lbs. Fell into a depression. Hasn’t been fun.

Lately I finally took the time to take a step back and realized I was beginning to walk down that dark road again and I turned around. Everything takes baby steps. I’m going back to my Nutritionists from my Bariatric surgery and getting myself on track again.

Thank you everyone for being patient, and I hope you check out the new recipes I will be posting in the near future! Stay tuned!!


Published by Pasqualina Mirabito

I am currently on a health journey, and decided to create a blog to share my experiences and recipes to help those going through the same thing that I am. Changing to a healthy lifestyle is hard, but we are all in this together!

2 thoughts on “I’m Back!

  1. YOU ROCK Pasqualina! Life, especially during this “COVID world”, is hard on all of us. THANK YOU for your honestly and passion. Love your blog, your story, your success and all the comebacks! Love you kiddo – ALWAYS. You are truly an inspiration!

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